2009 War Tax Boycott

How to
Redirect Your
Tax Dollars

A Positive Public Face of the Act of Conscience

One component of conscientious war tax refusal can be a commitment to redirect the resisted taxes to projects that conform with your conscience and that serve the common good. This redirection can be a positive public face of the act of conscience. When redirection is done with others, the amount redirected can be significant both to the recipient groups and as a direct action model for shifting federal spending from war to the needs of people.

In past years the War Tax Boycott campaign has recommended specific projects to give to as a way for us to pool our funds and make a significant redirection. There are so many wonderful programs and organizations that can use contributions. We are not recommending specific projects, but continue to encourage people who refuse to pay some or all of their federal tax dollars to the U.S. government to redirect them to programs locally, regionally, nationally, or internationally. Since the 1970s the war tax resistance movement has also developed Alternative Funds that pool resisted tax dollars and make grants to nonprofits of all sorts. See the list and contact the fund directly to find out about their guidelines.

Please report the amount and the recipient of your redirection to the War Tax Boycott, PO Box 150553, Brooklyn, NY 11215 or to nwtrcc@nwtrcc.org, so that it can be included in the total amount of redirection contributions generated by this campaign.

War Tax Redirection Coupon

Please accept my (our) enclosed contribution of $__________. I am able to make this contribution because I am choosing with others to refuse to pay for war in Iraq and to redirect a portion of my federal taxes to projects that serve the pressing needs of people. Thank you for your work to meet the health needs of people.

When you redirect federal tax dollars, enclose a note or a redirection coupon like the one to the right with your donation. This helps to spread the word about how strongly you feel about the misuse of your tax dollars and about war tax resistance as an choice for others to consdier.

The War Tax Boycott campaign will make a public announcement through a press release of funds that are redirected from war to peace on April 15.